A flowing collaboration that continues, and continues.

About the company and the mission

GPA was established 40 years ago. Today, they are the leaders in flow technology on the Scandinavian market with companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Their focus on sustainable systems and movement without limitations is also noticeable in the collaboration with us: sustainable, where everything flows and we work together as one single team.




Flow engineering, Plumbing supplies, System supplier


Development, Ecommerce, Integration with ERP, Web design

The mission

Initially, Mild collaborated with the communications agency Navigator. We started developing a new website for GPA together, then Mild took over the project. It all resulted in a multilingual, multi-functional platform with associated e-commerce solution and connections to GPA's business system Pyramid, PIM system Inriver and Google Analytics.

After delivery, Mild's and GPA's collaboration has continued. Every week we have a work meeting where we go through a priority list of continued projects of varying size, for example pressure error calculator, flow calculator and resistance table. We build what we and GPA see that they need and want to be able to offer their users, and things that we at Mild suggest based on our digital expertise – all so that GPA will be at the forefront of its industry.

“Throughout the collaboration, we have had a clear and open dialogue, which has made it easy for us to be involved and follow the work process. Mild has a well-developed way of working around project management and an ability to understand and familiarize with our challenges."

Ida Stefansson
Marketing Manager, GPA

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