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As a digital and graphic design agency, we transform thoughts and ideas into engaging designs, working collaboratively with you. At Mild, we understand that your brand is unique, which is why we always take a comprehensive approach to your challenges. This way, our designers help your business and brand grow.

Some of our clients

We work with brand strategy, visual identities, and graphic design

As a graphic design agency across the Nordics, we combine our top strengths within the team to highlight the authentic core of your brand. Our expertise in graphic design ranges from prototypes and the creation of visual identities to web design, UX, and UI. We accompany you throughout the entire journey, from identifying brand strategy to delivering your finished and responsive web design.

With our designers' expertise in the field, we understand that strategic communication and design lead to recurring business and long-term partnerships. When your brand stands out from the crowd and your customers can't stop using your service or buying your product, we, as a digital design agency, have achieved our goal.

Here is how we work with design

Over the years, we at Mild have carefully developed a unique design model. Whether we take on clients with internationally recognized brands or smaller businesses with local roots, our designers tailor the solution to you. In this model, we draw inspiration from successful elements of past projects and then anchor this in our collaboration with you. Graphic identity such as a new website, brand strategy like UX.

1. Discover

We always begin by understanding your needs and the challenges you face. In this stage, we ask both ourselves and you as the client questions like “what is the purpose and goal of the project?” and “what do we aim to achieve with a new website?”. It’s also where we delve into the audience by studying users more closely, through behavioral patterns and geographic as well as demographic factors. We also check for any specific requirements and constraints of the project and determine the level of compliance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) that we should maintain.

2. Define

In step two, we start with a sitemap, providing an overview of how your website will look. We also create personas representing potential users of your website. These personas are based on the geographical and demographic characteristics we discovered in the first step, making it easier for us to understand whom we are designing for. Simultaneously, we examine how competitors are doing through a competitor analysis, ensuring that your visitors understand how to interact with your new website.

We also look at the customer journey. How does the visitor move from A to B, and what do we want the visitor to do? It could be emailing you, purchasing a product, or making any other decision.

3. Production

Now it’s time for the actual production of your website. Here, we usually start by creating wireframes, a stripped-down design of your website without embellishments. A wireframe makes it easier for both you and us to get a first look at how the page will be structured, focusing on structure rather than the visual aspects. If we start designing too early in the process, we risk having too many parts to tackle simultaneously. Therefore, we wait with that aspect until the structure feels optimal.

Next, we develop a visual design of your wireframes and create a prototype of your website. Now you can click around and see how features and the initial design look. We also add UX copy to the prototype so that you can get an idea of how your texts might appear on your new website. In this step, we then conduct usability tests where we test the prototype to see if the design hypotheses actually work.

4. Delivery

When both parties are satisfied with the website and you have approved the design, it’s time for our final delivery. You will receive a handover of high-fidelity sketches ready for a developer to implement on your site. This is typically done by us but can also be done by you, depending on the competencies you possess and your preferences. In the delivery, we also include guidelines on how to use the different elements of the design: fonts, icons, colors, and similar aspects.

What our customers say

We give your brand the impact it deserves.

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Why should I choose Mild as a design agency?

  • With over a decade of expertise, we stand as one of Sweden’s premier digital marketing agencies.
  • We understand the entirety of design, usability, communication, and brand strategy, as well as the business value it should serve in terms of increased revenue.
  • We have a close and transparent collaboration with our clients and continuously follow up on the results of the work we do.
  • We have an experienced team of designers and copywriters located at our three offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.