Consumers drives the development of e-commerce forward – at breakneck speed. At Mild we either work on your existing e-commerce solutions or build new ones from scratch, all the time with a focus on traffic, customer experience and conversion.

E-commerce – the new standard

Today's consumers want to shop and do their business online, and their expectations are high. E-commerce solutions need to be simple, efficient and mobile-friendly, preferably with as few steps as possible and low or no shipping costs. In addition, preferably flexible deliveries, good customer support and green alternatives. Locally produced goods and shorter delivery routes are also attractive, as the impact on the climate is a growing factor, and all of this together increases the pressure on you as a company to present a good e-commerce. But smart, technical solutions are not enough when competition on the web intensifies, e-commerce as such is only part of a larger machinery.

At Mild, we help small and large retailers achieve success with their e-commerce. This is by, for example, building larger e-commerce sites in WordPress and WooCommerce, administering self-built systems and – most importantly – focusing on increasing the amount of traffic and conversion based on a well-thought-out strategy. For your website to reach its full potential, you need to reach your customers - in the right channel, with the right message, at the right time.

How does an e-commerce project work at Mild?

When we take on a project, we make sure to help you all the way, from start to finish and with the resources that the e-commerce solution requires. We strive for close cooperation, both with you and in our internal team, as this usually gives the best results. Together, we choose the most suitable CMS platform and identify your target group, based on your product range plus your wishes and requirements. We develop a strategy, carry out a solid SEO analysis, create a visual page map with clear customer journeys and set requirements for form and design - how the assortment should be exposed, which landing pages should be included and so on. The project as such can be divided into four phases: communication and branding, technology, digital marketing and conversion.

Communication & branding

At Mild we aim to let every page in your e-commerce communicate your brand. Our UX designers do not follow a particular template when they draw up the design - you decide how the website should look with the support of our expertise. As mentioned, the technical solution is part of a larger machinery that includes communication but also branding, among other things. Branding is in itself a KPI that cannot be put on paper, but which, if done correctly, can make every single goal exceed. Good branding both in e-commerce and in various marketing channels is the most powerful currency for companies, as well as the biggest competitive advantage. If your customers buy your goods or services because of your story – an emotional connection they feel to your business – the more likely they will return again and again and spread their experience to others.

The technology behind it

Mild has long and broad experience in setting up various e-commerce solutions. Our developers mainly work in WooCommerce. If necessary, we build e-shops from scratch according to your unique needs. We can then connect them to a variety of business systems, for example Visma, Pyramid, NAV, Vitec/Capitex/Capifast, Jeeves/Garp, Hansa, Fortnox and Specter. When it comes to payment solutions, we work with most, such as Klarna, Paypal, Swedbank Pay, Payson, Samport, DIBS and Auriga, and integrate with Swish and Bank-ID.

Digital marketing

For the most part, e-commerce is developed with the motive of increasing sales, and a natural part of this is to find new, relevant visitors. This is where our digital strategists come in. We weave in SEO at an early stage of every e-commerce project, when both the website’s structure and content are created based on a clear SEO strategy. Depending on what the project requires, we can either focus solely on SEO or develop a comprehensive strategy for all selected channels, make smaller efforts or be part of your internal marketing team.


When the traffic to your new e-commerce increases, it becomes even more important to take advantage of the visitors and have a thought behind how we want them to move around the website. Mild is happy to step in as a digital partner when it comes to conversion optimization and follow-up, as this part of the project is at least as important as the others in order to be fully successful. With conversion optimization, we improve both user experience, landing pages and conversion rates on an ongoing basis, entirely based on the data we collect using user tests. In this way, we ensure that the e-commerce drives your goals.