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HubSpot automates all your marketing efforts. As a HubSpot agency, we guide you through the entire onboarding process so that you have full control over all incoming inquiries, campaigns, customer service and statistics from your various platforms.

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The world-leading platform for CRM, inbound marketing, and marketing automation.

HubSpot is an integrated platform for your marketing, lead management, and customer service. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you quickly learn to navigate among the various features – which quickly make you realize what you've been missing out on.

All the parts that you previously managed manually are now handled automatically by the tool. As a HubSpot agency, we ensure that you never miss a sale, have full control over the company's campaigns, and that you can easily nurture the company's customer relationships.

Benefits of HubSpot:

  • Everything in one place – including campaigns, inbound sales, and customer service
  • Track your website visitors throughout the entire customer journey – in real-time
  • Consolidated data and insights from all different channels
  • Share statistics internally between different departments


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Collect and manage customer information. Here you can also view contact details, sales activities, and customer history, as well as track various parts of the sales process.

Inbound marketing:

Create and publish blog posts, landing pages, and similar types of content. To drive traffic to your website, you can also use this tool to create email campaigns or social media posts.

Marketing automation:

Track and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns. With an automated system, data is collected from all channels, giving you a clear overview of your various activities.

What our customers say

A complete CRM platform

HubSpot consists of different hubs, which together form a complete CRM platform. Marketing has one hub, sales process has another, and customer service as well. The various hubs gather data from different channels, but since they are interconnected, it's easy to get an overview and pick up where needed. As a HubSpot agency, we naturally assist with this.

Marketing Hub:

With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you gain access to an all-in-one platform for digital marketing that allows you to create, manage, and track your marketing campaigns across various digital channels. You can automate and personalize email messages, social media, blog posts, and other content to tailor campaigns to different target audiences.

Marketing Hub also provides access to analytics tools that make it easy to track campaign performance and adjust your strategies. You can easily measure the return on your marketing investment and tailor your campaigns based on what works best for your business.

To facilitate lead generation, Marketing Hub includes tools for creating landing pages, forms, and lead management systems. You can easily attract more qualified leads that can be converted into customers and increase your profitability.

Through HubSpot's Academy, you gain access to educational materials that help you learn how to use HubSpot and develop your skills in digital marketing, sales, and customer service. With Marketing Hub and other tools from HubSpot, you can take your digital marketing to the next level and increase your profitability.

Sales Hub:

With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can simplify and automate your sales process while gaining deeper insights into your prospects and customers. One of the most useful features in Sales Hub is Sequences, which allows you to automate your sales activities and save time.

Sequences are an automated series of sales activities that help you create a personalized and relevant experience for your prospects and customers. You can create sequences that include email messages, reminders, task lists, and more. You can also customize the sequences for different target audiences, helping you increase your chances of closing more deals.

Sales Hub also provides you with tools to manage your sales tasks, track your leads and customers, and collaborate with your team. You can measure your sales performance and gain insights to help you tailor your sales strategy and increase your profitability.

With Sales Hub and sequences, you can automate your sales activities and increase your productivity while creating a personalized and relevant experience for your prospects and customers.

Service Hub:

With HubSpot Service Hub, you can improve customer relationships and turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Service Hub is a powerful ticketing tool that helps you provide your customers with a great experience and build strong relationships with them.

Service Hub provides you with tools to manage your customer service tasks efficiently, automate your processes, and create a personalized and relevant customer experience. You can handle customer inquiries from multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media, and track your customers' engagement and feedback.

One of the most powerful features of Service Hub is its ability to create a Knowledge Base for customers. With a Knowledge Base, your customers can find answers to their questions and solve problems on their own, reducing the number of customer service requests your team needs to handle.

Service Hub also gives you the ability to measure your customer service performance and gain insights to help you improve your service. You can measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), create reports on your customer service activities, and identify trends and opportunities to help you grow your business.

We help you get started with HubSpot

The onboarding process consists of two steps: pre-study and implementation. In the pre-study, important prerequisites for the future implementation are ensured, and a long-term HubSpot strategy is developed.

The timeframe for onboarding and implementation ranges from 2 to 6 months, depending on the prerequisites and the number of hubs in the project. Below are the steps in the process.

Step 1: Pre-study

The pre-study includes several important sub-steps that need to be ensured before the upcoming implementation. This initial step concludes with a strategy document containing the following points:


In this step, the client’s prerequisites are clarified by answering questions such as: What CRM is currently used? How do we export the data?

Analysis of existing data (pre-study)

An initial analysis is made of existing customer data, if available. The analysis aims to understand the scope of the data available from existing customers and leads, as well as the quality of these.

Examples of touchpoints may include whether a customer is actually marked as “customer” in existing data or if, for example, email addresses are missing for existing customers.

Workshop (pre-study)

The workshop gives us a better understanding of your reality. This is done by discussing the target and problems that we see early in the sales process. Together with you, we go through a series of important questions that need to be answered before implementation.

Sales Hub (strategy)

Based on the project’s goals and results after the workshop, a strategy is developed for working with CRM implementation. The strategy includes, among other things, information about relevant teams in HubSpot (Sales, Service, etc.), property structure, Deal stages, Life Cycle stages, product names, automations in Deal stages, and Dashboards.

Marketing Hub (strategy)

Based on the project’s goals, we also develop a strategy for working with Marketing Hub implementation. The strategy includes, among other things, information about campaigns, forms, email templates, landing pages, segmentations, and automations.

Step 2: Implementation

After the pre-study, the implementation of HubSpot is carried out according to the strategies developed in the pre-study. The process includes the following sub-steps:

  • Configuration of HubSpot
  • Data import
  • Customization of website design (e.g., form design) and email templates
  • Setting up integrations with other systems
  • Creation of dashboards and reports
  • Establishment of segmentations and automations
  • User training

Why should I choose Mild as a HubSpot agency?

  • We are certified HubSpot Partners.
  • With over a decade of expertise, we stand as one of Sweden’s premier digital agencies.
  • We assist you from the beginning to a complete and tailored setup of HubSpot based on your needs.
  • We work with everything from local players to multinational publicly traded companies.
  • Our experienced team of digital strategists and CRM specialists are stationed at our three offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Mild - a part of HubSpot's partner program

As part of HubSpot's partner program, Mild can both sell and support the tool. There are few HubSpot partners, and so far, we are the only ones who can offer the feed of leads into the platform, thus creating a complete solution or a hub for you. We conduct migration, sales and marketing training, connections to the channels you want to connect, and set up campaigns. To fully implement this CRM switch and ensure that you utilize all of HubSpot's features, we have a number of different in-house roles driving the project:

  • Project manager, responsible for the overall coordination.
  • CRM specialist, assisting with migration from your existing CRM to HubSpot's own.
  • Digital marketers who connect all relevant traffic channels and are responsible for campaign setups and lead generation.

Frequently asked questions about HubSpot

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot CRM is a platform that generates an overall picture of the data from linked channels and consists of four hubs: CRM, Marketing, Sale and Service. This means that you can create a flowing collaboration between the entire battery of salespeople, marketers and customer supporters in a joint program, which benefits both them in their roles and the company as a whole. The platform works completely seamlessly, unlike common solutions with APIs.

Most companies use several digital channels when marketing their business. A website is mostly a given, content creation and blog articles, a company page on Facebook with associated ads, e-mails, organic and paid SEO. But what is missing is overall governance for all marketing efforts – a tool that has everything in one. And it hasn't been found until HubSpot stepped into the market.

Who can use HubSpot?

B2C and B2B companies that want to gain control over and streamline their digital marketing should consider Hubspot CRM, whether you’re moving from an Excel sheet or a larger SalesForce solution. There are functionalities and insights that from a marketing perspective are completely unique to the platform, for example Hubspot’s Flywheel. The wheel model was invented by James Watt and graphically shows how your company can grow by reworking your market strategy and delivering remarkable customer experiences in unison. This alone is worth taking a closer look at.

How does HubSpot work?

Hubspot is meant to grow with you. The platform has over 200 integrations and the ability to create customized apps – Hubspot can be tailored for your company. As we also mentioned earlier, the platform gives you a graphic overview of your digital marketing and brings together marketing, sales and support. Having said that, the platform's real strength and purpose is lead generation and management.

Lead generation and management in HubSpot (B2C and B2B)

The entire Hubspot is built to be a gathering place for generating and managing leads. It is extremely important to process your potential customers (Lead Nurturing), whether the lead comes from an e-commerce or a contact request within B2B. However, marketing departments are often content with just generating leads through ads or organic traffic, and the temperature of these leads varies. Most of the time, salespeople face a huge uphill battle when trying to close deals on half-hearted leads.

Instead, the task of the market should be to not only deliver leads, but above all warm leads - who know your company and are aware of which services you have or which clients you work with. If you succeed in conveying this through your marketing efforts, potential customers already feel a certain amount of trust in you and are one or two steps closer to their decision.

In order to handle leads in the best way, Mild can set up loops, so-called sequences, where you can provide your leads with relevant information on an ongoing basis via email. We can also measure your potential customers' engagement and clicks. All this data is then saved in Hubspot, ready to be made available as soon as we deem the lead sufficiently processed. Then one of your salespeople can step in and close, and that's where we think Hubspot works best.

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HubSpot's Linked Channels

Hubspot is the engine and center of all your marketing. By plugging in the channels that are relevant to you, Facebook's organic posts, LinkedIn, MailChimp, you can evaluate them all in one place. And it is both simple and time-saving.

In addition, Hubspot captures all incoming leads, leads that convert to customers and the value of the final deal for each channel. This means you can see how many customers and how much revenue each channel generates, a feature not found in any other CRM on the market.

HubSpot's sales function

If you let your sales team use Hubspot, you can fully follow their activities. You see the number of booked meetings, calls made, deals in progress and completed. To make it even smoother for your sellers, the platform has a number of response templates that they can send out with one click if needed, for example to a cold contact who is not currently interested. Should this lead in the future enter this email and click on a link, the current salesperson will see this in Hubspot. There is a chance that the lead is then ready to be contacted and become a customer.