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As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, we help large and small companies to develop tailor-made strategies to grow their digital presence.

Some of our clients

Digital Marketing on point

Today, digital marketing has surpassed traditional forms in Sweden, overtaking TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards. Furthermore, the upcoming surge in AI-driven efforts by search engines and social media is expected to increasingly overshadow traditional marketing methods. Both within and outside Mild, we observe a trend: many of our clients, as well as businesses in general, are pivoting to focus on digital marketing rather than traditional methods. They recognize that embracing digitalization is not just a long-term survival strategy, but an immediate necessity.

This shift is logical. Changes in digital behavior have greatly simplified the process for companies to target potential customers at various stages of their buying journey. The advantages of digital marketing, in terms of measurability, tracking, cross-media marketing, strategy formulation, key performance indicators (KPIs), and conversion rates, are unparalleled. Moreover, digital marketing efforts positively impact all facets of a business. The comprehensive approach refines the company’s voice, thought, and message across all its outputs and communications. With a strategically sound approach, marketing efforts become more precise, potentially transforming a company’s entire business scenario.

Our work process

The practical, to some extent, ongoing work with digital marketing is divided into several steps. Often in different combinations to fulfill your target images in terms of sales, visibility, branding and so on.

1. Strategy development in collaboration with the client

Together with you, we will develop a strategy that outlines the objectives of our work. This includes identifying which platforms to use and how, defining the current target groups and personas, establishing conversion points, and dividing responsibilities. Our digital marketing projects are a collaborative effort between us and our clients.

2. Setting up initial essentials

We will implement initial essentials like tracking website traffic, setting up goal tracking, and providing access to customer accounts. This includes tools like Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager.

3. Technical Audit

We will implement initial essentials like tracking website traffic, setting up goal tracking, and providing access to customer accounts. This includes tools like Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager.

4. Ongoing work

Each month, we implement the strategies and actions that have been planned and approved by you. You can stay informed about our progress through a shared project management system.

5. Reporting

Reporting is a critical component of our digital marketing projects. We provide monthly reports, or more frequently if desired, and offer continuous updates throughout the month. Our reports include a summary of the work completed since the last report, the results achieved in the past month, and plans for the upcoming month.

Whenever possible, we prefer to present our reports in physical meetings in locations like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, although video conferences are also effective. To ensure that our reporting is meaningful and accessible to you, we use customized Google Data Studio reporting documents. These documents clearly and simply present the data that is most valuable to your company. The reports can be tailored for different departments within your company, catering to the unique KPIs required by each. These reports serve as a valuable internal tool to showcase the results of digital marketing efforts and to inform future marketing strategies. All reports are digital, instantly updated in the browser, and accessible to multiple employees within your company at any time.

What our customers say

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Frequently asked questions about digital marketing

Why should I choose Mild as a digital marketing agency?

  • With over a decade of expertise, we stand as one of Sweden’s premier digital marketing agencies.
  • We possess a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and its crucial role in enhancing brand visibility and delivering a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • Our portfolio ranges from local entities to some of the nation’s most prominent brands.
  • We maintain a close and transparent relationship with our clients, regularly reviewing the outcomes of our efforts.
  • Our skilled team of digital strategists, based in our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, bring a wealth of experience to the table.

What to expect when choosing Mild as your Digital Marketing agency?

As your digital marketing partner, Mild develops a comprehensive strategy tailored to your company's needs. This strategy ensures consistent messaging and branding across various selected channels. We employ cross-media marketing principles, customizing content for each channel to optimize results. This approach acknowledges that different media often reach distinct target groups. Cross-media marketing integrates both digital and traditional print media, with the digital component efficiently managed through platforms supporting omnichannel activities. Such platforms, like Hubspot which we predominantly use, enable us to automate workflows, track statistics from diverse activities, and gain a comprehensive view of your digital marketing efforts.

Our digital marketing strategy theoretically takes the form of a funnel, based on the AIDAS model, commonly referred to as a conversion funnel. This process is designed to engage your potential customers at every stage of their purchasing journey, aiming to ultimately convert them. This model is versatile and applicable regardless of whether you operate in B2B, B2C, or any specific industry, as the funnel can be customized to fit each unique business model. AIDAS stands for Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, and Satisfaction. Translated into practical terms, this means that this five-step framework guides all the content we create for you, including website texts, organic posts, advertisements, mailings, and more.

How we approach Digital Marketing in practice

Our method is based on Marketing as a Service (MaaS), which essentially means tailoring our team and methodologies to align with your specific goals and circumstances. This approach is becoming increasingly prevalent in our industry, and it's a movement that we at Mild strongly support. Throughout a calendar year, it’s typical for companies to adjust their marketing efforts, often influenced by seasonal changes or broader factors like shifts in the economy. As a MaaS agency, we are equipped with flexible resources that can be readily deployed or scaled back to address the current situation effectively.

In adopting this method, we take on the responsibility for all or specific aspects of your digital marketing. We can function as your dedicated marketing group or provide expert support to your existing in-house department. Our services cover a wide range, from attracting and generating new leads to finalizing business deals, as well as the ongoing engagement of existing customers. MaaS as a practical working method encompasses several key activities:

What range of services does your Digital Marketing agency provide?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
We specialize in strategic, technical SEO that influences not only the customer’s purchasing journey but also impacts your entire organization.

Google Ads:
Being a certified Google Partner, Mild possesses the expertise and resources necessary to manage a diverse range of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) projects, including those involving Google Ads.

Conversion Optimization:
In our conversion optimization efforts, we concentrate on encouraging your website visitors to take specific actions – whether it’s filling out a form, downloading a PDF, or making a purchase in your webshop.

Social Media:
Social Media (SoMe) strategies for both large and small organizations involve diverse investments – ranging from finely-targeted campaigns and generating qualified leads to enhancing brand awareness and boosting sales.

We construct online stores with an emphasis on four key factors: communication, technology, driving traffic, and enhancing conversion rates.

Content marketing:
Website copy, articles, product sheets, brochures – we create all the essential content, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand’s tone of voice.