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As a certified Google Partner, Mild is proficient in managing a wide array of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) projects, including Google Ads. This partnership status equips us with advanced tools and insights to effectively handle your advertising needs.

Some of our clients

Results at the speed of lightning with Google Ads

As a certified Google Ads agency (formerly Google AdWords), we can consider ourselves senior: we have been working with traditional SEO for many years. SEO is, in turn, an important part of SEM and Google Ads, even though the approaches should be kept separate: the former focuses on slow, organic growth, while the latter involves paid advertising that yields immediate results.

We maximize your advertising budget

You could be an established business looking to straighten out your account, an organization in need of support in your strategic planning, or a relatively new company unsure of where to begin.

Regardless of the starting point, the same principle applies: Google selects which ads appear at the top of search results based on the quality of your ads and the relevance of the keyword to your website. The better we, as a Google Ads agency, optimize the ad's landing page, the better the ad performs. And the better the ad performs, the greater the chance you have of appearing at the top of Google's search results page.

What is Google Ads?

  • The world's largest digital advertising tool
  • You only pay when someone actually clicks through to your website
  • It's the fastest way for you to appear on Google – you see results immediately
  • CPC (cost per click) is determined through an auction.
  • Popular keywords with high competition are more expensive per click

This is our process

A Google Ads agency’s main task is to operate at a detailed level. We work meticulously and methodically to select the right keywords and set up a campaign structure that increases your sales without increasing the ad budget. This is what our process looks like:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Campaign structure
  • Ad setup
  • Continuous optimization and reporting

What sets us apart as a Google Ads agency from other agencies is our expertise and experience in increased conversion, visibility, and expansion. Employees at Mild also gain access to training from Google themselves and regular reports on consumer insights through our partnership with Google. This helps us evolve faster and stay ahead of future customer search habits.

1. Keyword analysis

The first thing we do in every project is an analysis of the website. What are your visitors looking for when they find you? What words are you already using in your product or service descriptions, and do those words have search potential? How do your competitors compare? Eventually, the result is a list of keywords that we believe you should focus on. We discuss the list with you and agree on which keywords to prioritize.

2. Campaign structure

The next step is to create a campaign that will yield the highest return on investment. In Google Ads, this is referred to as Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). We start with the keyword list from the previous step and have control over who we target the ads to, as well as how much we want to spend each month.

3. Ad setup

Here’s where the fun begins: we create ads and landing pages based on keywords and target audience. The more relevant the ads are to your visitors, the more clicks you’ll get for your money. It’s incredibly exciting to launch the first ads and see the numbers roll in!

4. Continuous optimization and reporting

A central part of the ongoing work is to regularly observe and analyze the data as it rolls in with the creation of new campaigns. We constantly review the structure, keywords, and ads, in case any adjustments are needed. For example, we can shift the budget from keywords that clearly underperform to those that perform better. We can also optimize landing pages for conversions if they receive many clicks but a low number of conversions.

We strive to be as transparent as possible and therefore send out tailored monthly reports regularly so that you know exactly how your advertising budget is being spent. We go through these reports with you during the monthly meetings.

What our customers say

Why choose Mild?

  • With over a decade of expertise, Mild is recognized as one of Sweden's top SEM agencies.
  • We understand the entirety of search advertising and the business benefits it should serve in terms of brand awareness and increased sales.
  • Our client base is diverse, ranging from local entities to global corporations listed on multiple stock exchanges.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining close, transparent relationships with our clients, ensuring regular updates on the progress and outcomes of our collaborative efforts.
  • Our skilled team of SEM experts, strategically stationed across our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Frequently asked questions about Google Ads

Do you want to start advertising on Google?

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Do we need a Google Ads agency?

When asked if you need a Google Ads agency, we respond: probably. Even though companies often have good internal expertise, it is often beneficial to collaborate with a certified Google Ads agency. Google Ads, and search engine marketing in general, are sensitive to trends and tendencies. What worked six months ago may be ineffective today – monitoring these changes alone is a full-time job.

As a Google Ads agency, we keep track for you as part of your team. We act as advisors, offer ideas and suggestions, develop strategies together with you, and perform the work hands-on – and you have full visibility into what we do. You also have full control of your budget from start to finish.

How does the work with Google Ads differ from search engine optimization (SEO)?

Most Google Ads agencies prefer to keep these methodologies separate. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, involves keyword-optimized content and organic traffic. SEM, which is what a dedicated Google Ads agency does, is advertising on search engines based on prioritized keywords. SEO is long-term and strong when it takes hold, while SEM and Google Ads are fast-paced – you pay to appear at the top and capture clicks from potential customers. It can be relevant for both startups and established companies – initially, most want to make a name for themselves, then the focus shifts more to taking traffic from competitors.

What does Google Ads cost?

It varies significantly depending on the industry and competition. In some industries, the most expensive keywords can cost up to 100 SEK per click, while in others, they may not cost more than 2-3 SEK. As a Google Ads agency, we set a budget together with you, a budget that must not be exceeded. Then, in consultation with us, you choose how the budget should be allocated among the different keywords.

Do you work with Google Display Ads?

Yes, we do! It's usually part of the repertoire for a Google Ads agency to run Google Display Ads – ads displayed on pages other than the search engine itself. These ads don't need to be entirely focused on Google's search engine results, which can capture new audiences.

Do you work with Google Shopping?

Absolutely! Google Ads agencies typically work with Google Shopping as the most direct advertising method Google Ads offers. With Google Shopping, your products, including an image and price, are displayed directly in the search results. Users can therefore purchase your products directly on Google – a very effective way to capture purchases without creating targeted landing pages.

Do you work with YouTube Ads?

Yes! Even though we're a Google Ads agency, we use YouTube Ads targeting users actively searching for what you have to offer or users who have shown potential interest through specific keywords. Whether you're working locally or want to spread your message internationally, there are several opportunities.