We are Mild

Mild is a digital agency with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Our hearts beat a little extra when we get to help create a digital presence that makes your brand grow.

We 💖 digital challenges

We offer comprehensive support in digital marketing, strategy, design, content, branding, and development. The nature of digital challenges is such that no two are exactly alike. Few things bring us as much joy as tackling various digital obstacles, finding innovative solutions to help you achieve your objectives. This dedication may be one of the reasons why our clients tend to stick with us for extended periods of time. They often view us as a long-term partner who guides them through the complex digital landscape. Our expertise covers a broad range from web development, SEO/SEM, and social media management, to CRM and marketing automation. We hold certifications in HubSpot, Analytics, and Google Ads, among others.

Mild in numbers

Co-workers 50

We are a collective of authentic teamplayers. Our ethos revolves around openness and transparency, and we aren’t hesitant to extend a helping hand or seek assistance when needed. Our team is in a constant state of growth; as of now, we are a family of 50 colleagues who take pleasure in collective activities, especially acquiring new knowledge and indulging in friendly rounds of table tennis.

Founded 2008

In 2008, Mild’s inaugural office took its first breath on Stigbergsliden in Gothenburg. Our expansion to Malmö and Stockholm followed in quick succession. A considerable amount of devotion, effort, and heartfelt passion has been poured into sculpting what Mild represents today. Our enduring objective has been to establish something that fuels our pride. We place significant importance on fostering joy and amusement throughout our journey.

Yearly organic growth 20%

Mild is persistently on the rise, regularly welcoming new talents and engaging clients into our fold. We’ve experienced steady, natural growth since our establishment.

Office 3

While our offices are strategically situated in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, our clients span the entire nation. This geographical advantage not only enables smooth business transactions but also fosters stronger client relationships. Regardless of your location, we are readily accessible from any of our offices, ensuring that we remain close and available to you, our esteemed client.

Retention rate 95%

There are few things that bring us as much satisfaction as taking on your digital challenges, unleashing our creativity, and creating a customized solution. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why our clients choose to remain with us. We serve as a dependable partner throughout your entire digital journey, not just for certain aspects of it.

Clients 300+

We have the privilege of collaborating with over 300 clients, and we deeply value each and every one of you. Our relationship with you, our client, is seen as a collaborative team effort. We consistently work towards shared goals, and together, we strive for success.

Some of our clients

A swift journey from inception to the present

Mild first emerged in 2008, headquartered on Stigbergsliden in Gothenburg. It wasn't long before we extended our presence to Malmö and Stockholm, and we've grown considerably since then - today we boast around 50 employees across our three offices. We've always remained independently driven, with no external financiers dictating our approach. Our primary aim is to constantly evolve as a better, long-term partner for our clients, aiding in the continuous development of their digital presence. Our efforts have been recognized in recent years, with accolades such as the Gasell (DI) and "Årets Superföretag" (Veckans Affärer) awards. We take great pride in these achievements!

Teamplayers all the way

We believe in looking far ahead, a philosophy that extends to the collaboration between us and our clients. We strive to foster an atmosphere and camaraderie as though we were co-workers. In practice, this means maintaining frequent dialogues, shared open boards in our project management tool (Monday), and complete transparency in terms of time estimates and forthcoming invoices.

We always ensure that we have clear, shared objectives - whether it's for a one-time project or a long-term partnership. Our goal is never just to be number one on Google or to develop a technically sound website - our ultimate objective always aligns with yours. It might be to generate more qualified leads for your sales team, increase e-commerce sales, or improve your recruitment capabilities. Only you know that. And we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Wide-ranging Expertise, aimed at the end goal

In today's digital age, few clients are content with just a "new, beautiful website" without a concurrent focus on traffic generation and conversion. Similarly, few would be satisfied with us creating strong visibility on Google and social media if the traffic ultimately doesn't convert. Therefore, we typically categorize our areas of expertise into four key sectors. Our collaborations often encompass elements from all these areas, but the emphasis varies in each individual project.

  • design/development
  • hosting/management
  • digital marketing and communication
  • CRM/sales/automation

A devotion to service, an attitude of benevolence and a proactive approach

High competence is, without a doubt, a fundamental requirement for attaining a successful outcome. However, without the right level of dedication, the desired results often elude us. At Mild, we possess a sincere commitment to achieving the goals we establish in partnership with you. Our goodwill towards our clients stems from our passion for our work, our camaraderie with colleagues, and the vibrant environment in which we operate. This infuses the task of pursuing lofty objectives with ease, enjoyment, and gratification - sentiments we believe also radiate to you, our client.

Fika i Malmö

Could Mild be the perfect match for your digital needs?

We have about 10-15 listed clients, about twice as many with turnover in the billions. On the other side of the spectrum, there are both startups and smaller companies. We work with both B2B and B2C as well as authorities and non-profit organizations. In other words, there is great flexibility when it comes to the size of our clients, their projects and budget. Whether a project takes 10 hours or 10,000 hours doesn’t really matter to us, the important thing is that we find each other and that we have a common level of ambition when we enter the project.


How do we embark on a partnership?

We don’t require you to approach us with an exhaustive pilot study or a meticulously detailed blueprint. You may simply have a desire to create a new website, amplify your presence on social media, or attract a larger pool of potential clients to your site? Such objectives are more than enough to seed our first dialogue.

In this preliminary discussion, our team at Mild will guide you in distilling your initial thoughts and ideas into a concrete plan that we can cultivate together. We will either provide an early projection of a feasible budget or brainstorm other strategies to propel your project forward.


HubSpot Solutions Partner Program-märke
Microsoft Advertising Partner

We practice eco-friendly measures

For several years, we at Mild have been intensively committed to minimizing our environmental impact. One might assume that the digital agency sector, largely operating online, does not contribute significantly to the global carbon footprint. However, such an assumption would be mistaken.

Work with us

Mild is growing and we are constantly looking for talented project managers, web developers, designers and digital strategists.