Programmatic - a smoother way to advertise

Do you want to reach your specific target audience without having to advertise manually? Programmatic is an advertising method that gives you greater reach and control over your campaigns.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising, also known as programmatic, is a highly effective method for taking control of your advertising efforts and enhancing the likelihood of reaching precisely the right audience. Utilizing tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can advertise on virtually any website that offers ad space. You can captivate your target audience with banners, videos, audio, and native ads across all types of devices, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Here is how programmatic advertising works

We can summarize programmatic advertising as a way to automatically purchase and optimize digital campaigns. Instead of manually contacting various websites to inquire about ad placement, as with other more traditional approaches, programmatic advertising handles the entire process for you.

By connecting to a Supply Side Platform (SSP), publishers can offer their ad space to buyers. The buyer accesses available ad space by connecting to a Demand Side Platform (DSP) or signal processor.

As an advertiser, you define in the tool which audience you want to target using user information. It could be a specific demographic group with particular interest categories or previous user behaviors that you want to reach with your ad. In this way, you're buying users (cookies) in a specific audience rather than just placements on a particular website. You also specify what you're willing to pay for your ad, and then the program takes care of the rest. Machines and algorithms are actually all that's needed to effectively buy and sell digital ad space.

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Real-time bidding

Programmatic operates through a process called real-time bidding, which means bidding for ad space that occurs in real-time. When a visitor enters a website, it is registered with ad exchanges. If the visitor matches the audience you have specified in your campaign, you automatically participate in an auction with other advertisers. The highest bidder "wins" the ad space on that particular webpage. This process takes only a few milliseconds and occurs without the involvement of physical individuals.

This type of system is often both simpler and cheaper for you as an advertiser because you are informed in advance when ad spaces are available on a specific website, and the bid is placed immediately. In other words, you can advertise without having to spend time on requests, negotiations, or purchases, as traditionally required. The machine handles all the steps so that you can instead focus your time on optimizing and improving the content of your ads.

Throughout the campaign, you can track the progress of your ad in the tool, see the amount spent, number of clicks, achieved goals, and data on how the campaign has performed.

Who can utilize Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is suitable for both those with larger or smaller budgets. It's an excellent way to build brand awareness and reach your prospects, but also an effective way to engage visitors who have not yet converted.

If you already advertise regularly and have previously seen good results from banner campaigns, then it's definitely worth considering programmatic advertising instead of spending time and resources on manually purchasing ad placements.

If advertising is something you have never or hardly engaged in before, don't worry. At Mild, some of Sweden's best expertise in digital marketing and Marketing Automation are available. We assist you at every step of the way towards impactful programmatic advertising.

What are the advantages of Programmatic compared to other advertising tools?

  • The main advantage is that programmatic advertising is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It saves a lot of time, resources, and creates a clearer structure in advertising.
  • Programmatic provides good overview and control over media purchases. Unlike booking a campaign directly with a website, here you have much greater control over your budget and the ability to continuously update your ad material to achieve the best effect.
  • Another advantage is that the tool makes it easy to segment and target a specific campaign to very specific target groups, on specific platforms.
  • Programmatic is, unlike its competitor Google Ads Manager, not limited to Google's own Display Network.
  • Programmatic enables advertisers to make real-time insights-based optimizations and continuously improve results based on them.
  • Programmatic is unbeatable in terms of reach, ad variation, and options for purchasing ad space.

How does Mild work with Programmatic?

At Mild, we primarily use BIDTheatre as our programmatic tool. BIDTheatre is a pioneer in the Nordic region, providing a technical platform and powerful services for programmatic trading of digital media.

Together with you as the client, we carefully define the target audiences that the campaign should reach and design it in consultation with you or based on input from you. We particularly focus on niche campaigns to segment and make them as relevant as possible for your specific audience.

After the campaign ends, we review the results together, analyzing the overall impact of the campaign based on the set goals.

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