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About the company

Ferrero, the parent company of numerous renowned brands, has been delighting taste buds worldwide, particularly with its Kinder brand. In 2019, Mild embarked on its first content creation project for Kinder, marking the start of a flourishing collaboration. Presently, we manage content for Kinder's websites in Sweden (, Denmark (, and Finland (, along with orchestrating their social media campaigns.




UX, Web design

The mission

In collaboration with our client, we craft creative content for product launches, seasonal campaigns, delicious recipes, and much more. The project has evolved from merely managing website updates and content creation to now also encompassing the development of campaigns and inventive content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. An essential aspect to consider when creating content for social media is the limited window of time available to capture the user's attention. Consequently, social media content is often highly time-sensitive, demanding a distinct approach and requirements compared to web content.

”It's always fun to work with clients where only the imagination sets the limits. The fact that it is such a wonderful brand, which many of us grew up with, doesn't make it worse. We work very closely with Kinder's brand manager, we have really made good contact. It always feels good when customers have confidence in us and when projects grow over time!”

Production Manager, Mild

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