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About the company

Fitness24Seven wants to make it easy for people to lead a healthy life. Their gyms are available 24/7, with facilities in Europe, Asia, Central- and South America. Their offer includes guest-friendly and functional training at an attractive price. In addition to round-the-clock opening hours, classes and group training are always included in the membership. Members can train at all their gyms at no extra cost.




Fitness and health


Programmatic, SEM

The challenge

During the summer months of 2023, we initiated our collaboration with Fitness24Seven. The main challenge revolved around Fitness24Seven's desire to increase the number of new customers and achieve better results with their marketing efforts overall. More specifically, they wanted to lower conversion costs and increase the efficiency of all digital campaigns. Fitness24Seven primarily sought a new SEM partner and wanted a fresh start with a focus on search ads, branding campaigns, and more.

A clear part of the initial brief was to shift the focus from brand-related keywords to targeting more "cold" visitors. We quickly realized that this was the right approach as previous campaigns contained significant portions of so-called "Brand Searches," which means the search contains some variation of "Fitness24Seven." This type of search is conducted by users who are either already customers and are familiar with Fitness24Seven, or are very close to making a purchase and would likely convert anyway. Simply put, not as interesting a target audience when the goal is to find new customers. Another challenge is that this also complicates the reporting and evaluation work, as it is time-consuming to sort out which searches are related to the brand and which come from "cold" users.

A clear goal was set: a maximum of 30% of the budget would be spent on brand-related searches, while the rest would target entirely new visitors.

The solution

Mild approached the challenge by developing a completely new campaign structure for Fitness24Seven. This included a comprehensive review of their Google Ads strategy. Through thorough use of negative keywords and keyword lists, we were able to separate brand traffic from the "cold" traffic. We can now confirm that nearly exactly 70% of the budget is allocated towards acquiring completely new customers, whose search behavior indicates a general interest in gyms rather than specifically Fitness24Seven gyms. In the strategy, we also ensured that the new texts have a tone that better aligns with Fitness24Seven's brand identity. Over time, the collaboration has expanded to include responsibility for programmatic advertising as well.

The result

The collaboration between Fitness24Seven and Mild has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the digital marketing. Approximately 70% of the incoming traffic is now seemingly cold users. Purchasing less brand-related traffic may increase the total cost per conversion, but at the same time, we attract a larger number of new customers by reaching users who have not previously specifically searched for gyms from Fitness24Seven. The result is an increased total number of customers and improved brand awareness. In October 2023, we also successfully launched a campaign for annual memberships together with Fitness24Seven, resulting in record sales. Fitness24Seven now has a more structured and efficient digital presence.

Additionally, we have reduced the cost per conversion for non-brand-related traffic by 49% since launching the new concept.

"The collaboration with Fitness24Seven demonstrates that deliberate digital strategies yield results. When we see how our solutions contribute to the client's digital success, the entire team at Mild feels both proud and happy."

Client Manager, Mild

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