Developing a new website and strategic communication initiatives to promote smarter car ownership

About the company and the project

Since its inception in 1958, Rejmes has been a comprehensive partner in car ownership, supporting customers from the moment they purchase a vehicle until it's time to sell. Founded by Tage Rejme in Norrköping, the company has grown into a conglomerate with 24 facilities spread across 15 Swedish locations. Rejmes deals in both new and used cars and operates several service workshops. Annually, Rejmes delivers about 10,000 vehicles and reported a turnover of 3.4 billion in 2021.

Rejmes approached us with a website in need of a significant overhaul to reflect their extensive expertise and services. The website's systems were not seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, and its design required modernization. To continue their rapid growth trajectory, Rejmes needed a completely new website with enhanced functionalities and systems to simplify the customer journey and achieve better Google rankings.


Tage Rejmes Bil


Development, Integration with ERP, SEO, UX, Website

The solution

Our collaboration with Rejmes culminated in the creation of a completely new website and much more. The project commenced with an extensive keyword analysis by our SEO team, who also identified necessary landing pages for the new site. These keywords were then categorized and prioritized. This analysis facilitated the development of a new site structure, designed with both the customer journey and Google optimization in mind. Once the structure was established, we initiated the UX and design work, meticulously crafting wireframes for both mobile and desktop versions. Over several months, the site was developed in close collaboration with Rejmes, resulting in a full-scale prototype featuring a visual design clear enough for our development team to proceed to the next phase. In addition to design work, we were entrusted with creating UX copy for the website, involving our copywriting team in the design process and developing a tone-of-voice guide.

When the design phase was complete, our development team took over. The construction of the website included integrating several external systems. This involved fetching inventory data from Sales, handling the majority of bookings and inquiries through Wayke, and customizing vehicles using Volvo's API. The comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and efficient digital platform for Rejmes, aligning with their business needs and enhancing their online presence.

The outcome

The partnership between Mild and Rejmes has evolved into an ongoing project. We now host the website and manage continuous development work, SEO, Google Ads, and conversion optimization.

"We have worked together for over a year on a completely new website. The project includes strategy, SEO, design, UX, technology, and marketing automation. Mild is extremely professional in their approach to web projects and delivers at the highest level."

Andreas Johansson
Digital specialist, Tage Rejmes Bil AB

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