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About the organization

Skåne Stadsmission is an organization that assists people in vulnerable life situations, including those dealing with mental illness, homelessness, and poverty. Beyond our ongoing monthly work for Skåne Stadsmission, we also collaborate on one of their major campaigns – the annual Christmas drive. The goal of this campaign is to raise as much money as possible to provide meals for the needy. We at Mild have had the privilege of working with Skåne Stadsmission since 2019.


Skåne Stadsmission



The challenge

From the outset, our task has been to increase online visibility for Skåne Stadsmission through campaigns, with the objective of attracting more donors.

The case began as a regular social media (SoMe) project and has since expanded. Initially, Skåne Stadsmission wanted to increase visibility for its campaigns and attract more donors. Our mission, therefore, encompasses everything from managing their advertising on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to continuously optimizing their SEO.

To reach the broadest and most diverse audience possible, we chose to work across multiple channels, including Google, YouTube, and other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Our goal as a digital partner is to raise awareness about Skåne Stadsmission and their work, while continuously attracting more donors through targeted campaigns and advertising.

The result

Our collaboration with Skåne Stadsmission has been successful and appreciated by both parties since day one. We've seen a significant increase in the visibility of their campaigns and a rise in the number of donors and donations, demonstrating the impact of our work.

Throughout this journey, the collaboration has continually evolved. We look forward to continuing our efforts to boost the visibility of Skåne Stadsmission and their crucial work. The next phase of the project involves continuing with targeted campaigns and advertising. We will also maintain their website and optimize SEO to attract even more donors.

“There's something extra rewarding about contributing our skills to Skåne Stadsmission. Their strong purpose inspires us. Every time a campaign goes live, we're equally eager to see the number of donations resulting from the ads we've created together.”

Client Manager, Mild

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