Global electric vehicle brand NIO's successful market entry in Sweden – the strategies behind

About the company and the project:

NIO, a leader in electric vehicle innovation, has recently emerged as a prominent player in the global market. With a focus on sustainability and technical innovation, NIO offers a unique experience for electric vehicle users. Their commitment to revolutionizing the transport sector with high-performance electric cars and unique battery-swapping technology has ushered in a new era in the automotive industry.




Electric cars


Design, SEM, SEO, SoMe

The challenge

Our project with NIO began in October 2022, during a period when the brand was newly established in Sweden and relatively unknown. The challenges were significant: high competition in the electric vehicle sector and the need for strategies tailored and clarified for the Swedish market. With experts in various fields, we were prepared to tackle these challenges and build NIO’s digital presence in Sweden from scratch, along with strategizing.

The solution

To meet these challenges, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, including SEM, SEO, and social media. Working closely with NIO, we continuously adapted our strategies to ensure they were effective and relevant. We initially created campaigns and structures from scratch, focusing on constant optimization and analysis.

A few months in, we recognized the need to enhance visual materials, leading to incorporating a designer from our creative team at Mild. This allowed us to produce more appealing and effective marketing materials, strengthening NIO's brand identity. The materials developed for NIO are also used for global marketing in other countries where NIO operates.

The result

Our efforts have led to a successful establishment of NIO in the Swedish market. We are currently increasing brand awareness among their target group, while also clarifying NIO’s unique selling propositions, such as their innovative battery-swapping technology through Power Swap Stations. We have consistently met and exceeded our weekly and monthly goals. The collaboration has evolved over time with increased resources and budgets. We are proud to say that the future looks bright for NIO in Sweden. The next step in the project includes expanding our marketing strategy to offline channels and continuing to improve their website to ensure an even stronger market presence.

“Our work with NIO is a journey of continuous adaptation and innovation. Seeing how our strategies and campaigns contribute to NIO's success in the Swedish market is immensely rewarding for our entire team – and the client.”

Digital Strategist, Mild

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