Green homes for proud tenants – The transformation of Lansa's new website

About the company and the project

Lansa, established in 2016, is a nationwide green housing company with properties in both metropolitan and growing regions. Sustainability is their primary focus, aiming to become the leading provider of modern and sustainable homes. Owned by the Länsförsäkringsgruppen, Lansa is committed to societal engagement through property acquisition and management, proudly identifying as "The green housing company that makes people feel proud."


Lansa Fastigheter AB



The challenge

Lansa aims to be a leading, modern, and sustainable housing company. However, when we first engaged with Lansa, their existing website did not reflect this vision. At Mild, we faced the task of significantly elevating to resonate with Lansa's forward-thinking aspirations.

We assembled a team of web developers, designers, SEO, and SEM specialists to embark on creating a brand new website. The goal was to introduce a completely new site structure, fresh keywords, updated design, and the latest WordPress technology.

The solution

Lansa's website received a modern makeover aligned with their values and future visions. Today, when visiting, users are greeted by a thoughtfully designed, easy-to-navigate, and inspiring housing site. We also implemented a plugin that integrates HomeQ’s rental portal directly into, allowing visitors to view available rentals without needing to go to an external site. For Lansa, the new website is significantly easier to manage, with various tools to create attractive, user-friendly landing pages independently.

With enhanced SEO optimization, organic traffic increased, enabling Lansa to reduce Google Ads spending while attracting more traffic than before. This project led us at Mild to continuously assist Lansa with Google Ads, in addition to ongoing support and updates for the website.

“The difference between before and after in this project clearly demonstrates what we can achieve together with our clients. From the preliminary study to the final design, Lansa's website underwent a significant transformation in both appearance and user-friendliness!”

Production Manager, Mild

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