Highlighting the destination – more than just a new website

About the company and the project

Visit MittSkåne is a business association based in central Skåne. Their mission is to attract visitors to the area by showcasing charming farm shops, notable castles, and the region's most picturesque hiking trails. In doing so, Visit MittSkåne not only increases tourism but also boosts profitability for its member businesses. Through these memberships, Visit MittSkåne fosters networking, creates meeting spaces, and develops the tourism industry in Skåne.


Visit MittSkåne


Tourism, Tourism industry


SEO, UX, Website

The solution

Visit MittSkåne needed a new website to inspire visitors to explore various destinations. Our task began with mapping out the website's various sections, proposing a new site structure, and conducting fundamental SEO work. Once the preliminary study was completed, we collaborated with the client on the website’s design. As soon as the design was finalized, we began building the new website – the primary objective of our mission.

The collaboration with Visit MittSkåne also led to the realization of more ideas than either party initially envisioned. One such innovation was the map feature for all destination points, including marked hiking and cycling trails within the region. This allowed us to further refine the user interface. Our partnership with Visit MittSkåne is a concrete example of both parties exceeding each other's expectations.

“The exciting part of this case was the multitude of ideas from both the client and our team, which we shaped together. It’s particularly rewarding when we, as an agency, can think outside the box and adopt new perspectives to achieve a result even better than we initially thought possible.”

Production Manager, Mild

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