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About the company and the project

Hagabadet has been an integral part of Gothenburg's history since its inauguration in 1876. Today, it stands as a modern health oasis at three locations in the city, focusing on life quality. Hagabadet is more than just a gym, bath, and spa – it's a place where the balance between benefit and enjoyment, body and soul, is central. Backed by solid research in health, they offer a unique combination of relaxation, physical exercise, and mental focus, making Hagabadet a healthy oasis for body and soul through all life's phases.





The challenge

Mild's collaboration with Hagabadet began in August 2022. The primary challenge was to rebuild Hagabadet's website into a modern, user-friendly platform that reflected their high-quality services, environment, and brand. The previous site had several limitations, especially regarding the booking system, which was not integrated. Additionally, the graphic profile needed digital adaptation.

The solution

Our SEO team initiated the project with an extensive keyword analysis, laying the groundwork for the site structure, realized in a detailed sitemap. Next, we embarked on the UX and design work, starting from the ground up with wireframes to establish the right structure, navigation, and priorities. This collaborative process with Hagabadet led to a visually appealing, mobile-first design focusing on user experience. An important part of the design process was conveying the ambiance of visiting Hagabadet. We refined the digital graphic profile while maintaining a sense of premium quality, strengthening Hagabadet's position as a modern health oasis.

Our development team took over after the design phase, implementing significant improvements like integration with Hagabadet's booking system, BRP-Systems, via an API connection. This allowed for a seamless booking process directly on the website. We also developed an e-commerce function for purchasing gift cards and other value cards, a feature not available on the previous site.

Another critical addition was the creation of "My Pages," a members-only section functioning as an intranet, offering a personalized experience with special discounts and a valuable communication channel.

The result

The project resulted in a completely new website that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly. Optimized for both mobile and desktop, it offers a seamless user experience. With the new structure and integrated booking system, Hagabadet now has a solid foundation for further digital development. The initial SEO work ensures ongoing visibility improvement on Google.

We are proud to have played a significant role in the new With this new website, Hagabadet is well-equipped to continue growing and reaching a wider audience.

"Rebuilding Hagabadet’s website into a modern and user-friendly platform has been an exciting development. We are confident that the new website will play a crucial role in Hagabadet’s continued success."

Web Developer, Mild

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