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About the company

Duni Group is a leading player in sustainable and innovative solutions for table setting and take-away. They are known for their range of environmentally friendly products such as napkins, tablecloths, candles, and packaging that combine quality with aesthetic design. Listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Duni Group emphasizes the importance of a values-driven culture and strives to be industry-leading by contributing more to society and the environment than they take. Their vision is to promote the enjoyment of food and community while ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.




Restaurant and catering



The challenge

Duni's account structure relied heavily on brand-related traffic. This limitation prevented Duni from reaching new, "cold" customers. Here, we wanted to create a scalable strategy that both relied on brand awareness and could engage customers with no previous experience of the brand.

In March 2023, we at Mild initiated a partnership with Duni Group. Since the beginning, the collaboration between Mild and Duni has been focused on developing and implementing a smart SEM strategy for Duni's marketing efforts. With a challenge to restructure the account structure and create a more efficient marketing strategy, our team took on the task with great results.

The solution

To address these challenges, we developed a two-pronged strategy in collaboration with Duni. Firstly, brand traffic was separated from cold traffic. Subsequently, specific campaigns were created with the aim of solely targeting new customers. The team experimented with different shopping setups to find a scalable and budget-adapted strategy. This approach required meticulous planning and constant adjustments to optimize the results.

The result

After a period of careful analysis and adjustment, our team, together with Duni, achieved a non-brand ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) that was 54% higher than at the start of the project. This significant increase demonstrates the effectiveness of a smart strategy and the results of an efficient collaboration with ongoing campaign optimization.

Throughout the project, the partnership between Mild and Duni has significantly strengthened. With increased trust from Duni, Mild has been granted expanded resources and responsibilities, including analysis and budget support. This has resulted in a deeper understanding of Duni's needs and a more tailored service. With the success achieved in the project so far, the future looks bright.

"At Mild, we have found a strategic partner who brings creative ideas, proactive solutions, and continually works agilely to find the right path forward for our digital business to grow sustainably and long-term. We are extremely pleased with our collaboration and look forward to utilizing Mild's expertise in more e-commerce areas in the future."

Alexander Granath
E-Commerce Manager, Duni Group

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