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About the company and the project

Bredband2, established in 1989, is Sweden's third-largest fiber broadband provider. They ensure half a million people in Sweden have a safe and reliable internet connection for work and leisure daily. As a publicly-traded company, Bredband2 is committed to continuous development, striving to provide a smooth and secure digital experience for everyone, with a hassle-free, reliable internet connection.




Broadband and fiber



The challenge

Our journey with Bredband2 started in 2017 as a design and UX project. Initially, we focused on user testing to improve the website's conversion rate. Our digital specialists and designers collaborated closely to rebuild and redesign user flows. The insights from our analyses were transformed into interactive prototypes, later handed over to Bredband2’s internal development team.

Since 2017, the case between Mild and Bredband2 has progressively grown. Today, we are their digital partner and advisor, managing both SEO and SEM since 2022, while also offering consultation in various areas to their marketing team. Our close collaboration with Bredband2’s proficient team ensures ongoing development of the brand, keeping Bredband2 at the forefront of the digital realm.

The solution

Our efforts have created a cohesive marketing strategy for Bredband2. Previously, there was a desire for more internal expertise and specific improvements to the website. Working alongside Bredband2, we have ensured comprehensive and improved measurement on the site and filled in gaps where additional support was needed. We have also established a long-term, sustainable, and scalable strategy for both SEM and SEO. The results include enhanced conversion rates and a more unified representation of the brand.

The evolution of our initial project into an ongoing case highlights the strength of our collaboration. By gaining an overview of Bredband2 as a company and understanding their challenges, we embraced a role that continues to evolve today.

“Working closely with Bredband2, especially during their expansion phase, has allowed us to grow together. We never stand still in this project; there’s always a next step. Combining SEO and SEM in this type of project has proven immensely successful, evidenced by a significant increase in both conversions and relevant visitors to the website.”

Head of SEO, Mild

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