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About the company

With its 1362 properties across Europe, Balder is a prominent real estate company not only in Sweden but also in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Balder is involved in both construction and management, ranging from rental and condominiums to commercial premises and hotels. In our mission with Balder, the focus from the outset has been on web development and enhancing their digital presence.




Development, Integration with ERP, SEO

About the project

Our mission is to develop Balder by continuously working on maintenance, further development, improvement measures, and SEO work on their three sites: balder.se, mitt.balder.se, and nyproduktion.balder.se. We have also assisted them in switching CRM systems, from Vitec to Dynamics. Initially, the focus was primarily on support, but our mission has now transformed into a project with higher gears where we work more proactively with a forward focus. Balder is a client with high ambitions that not only sets high demands on its suppliers but also understands the value of investing time in its digital presence. What started as a relatively small project has now grown into something much larger, and above all, a very enjoyable project.

"It's both fun and rewarding to work with a client who understands the importance of digital presence and staying up to date. Balder is truly at the forefront when it comes to investing. It's been a fantastic collaboration from the beginning!"

Client Manager, Mild

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