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About the company and the project

Hudikhus is a prominent house manufacturer founded in 1961. Their expertise in the production and sale of vacation homes and mountain cabins makes them a leading player in the market today. With their headquarters in Hudiksvall, the company has built a comprehensive brand recognition focused on high quality and customized solutions.

Hudikhus aims to offer their customers their new dream home, a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability—something that was also to be reflected in the new website.




House manufacturer


Development, SEO, UX, Website

The challenge

Mild and Hudikhus launched the project in November 2023.

The project's main challenges were to improve the current site structure, eliminate the limitations of the previous CMS tool, and focus significantly on increasing the website’s conversions.

The client also expected a modern website that would leave visitors with a lasting emotional impression.

The solution

To meet the project's challenges and expectations, Mild undertook thorough work that included developing a new site structure, design, development, and final launch of the website. We also emphasized creating a more intuitive navigation structure, improving page content, and implementing strategic SEO measures based on Hudikhus's requirements.
During the design phase, there was a clear focus on user experience (UX) and simultaneously creating more conversion points to capture potential customers earlier in their buying journey.

The result

Following the successful delivery of the new website, our collaboration continues, including hosting and management post-launch.

The cooperation has been very positive and worked well throughout. We maintained open communication and a close partnership, resulting in the successful launch of Hudikhus’s new website.

This project has been an excellent example of how we can tackle challenges and deliver results that exceed the client’s expectations. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Hudikhus in the future.

"We wanted to create a modern platform that conveys the dream of a vacation home or a mountain cabin, and a structure that allows us to better assist our customers on their journey to realizing their house dream. With both attentiveness and professionalism, the team at Mild were exactly the experts we needed."

Robert Edlund
Marketing Manager, Hudikhus

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