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About the company

Located in Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Uni3 campus is an inspiring environment for innovative entrepreneurs. Uni3 offers everything from office spaces to conference rooms, hotels and restaurants. By combining Chinese culture with Scandinavian design, they create a space where every detail is thoughtfully planned. The centerpiece is an atrium with abundant natural light, making it an ideal spot for meetings and events. With high service standards and beautiful facilities, creativity can truly flourish!

Together with Mild, a new website for Uni3 was created. The project included preliminary studies, design, project management, development, integration, SEO, and content work.


Uni3 by Geely


Property development


Development, SEO, Web design

The Challenge

We began work on the new website in June 2023. Uni3's wishlist included a focus on high user-friendliness and the need for multiple users to easily manage and update the site. Due to a tight schedule, the project was occasionally challenging, but thanks to excellent collaboration, we successfully completed it together.

The Solution

We assembled our strongest resources in design, SEO, content and web development. The team worked intensively and goal-oriented to create a website that fully met Uni3's expectations.

The Result

By combining our expertise with the client's insights about their operations, we delivered a completely new website for Uni3 within the planned timeframe.

Both Mild and Uni3 are extremely satisfied with the result!

"Mild won the contract when we were looking for a supplier for our new website. We are very pleased with the collaboration with Mild and the project team that led the work. Clear structures and processes, high professionalism, and a very pleasant approach throughout the project. We want to thank Mild for a great and rewarding project!"

Martin Renström
Brand Manager, Uni3 by Geely

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