Four Social Media Trends in 2024 - What Is Expected from You and Your Brand

In 2024, users expect you to appear in their feed at the right time, even before they knew they needed you. At the same time, more and more people are using social media as search engines. The trends we see indicate that brands need to get to know their audience. How so, you might ask? We see a common factor: users are in control, and companies need to adapt their strategies. Actually, more than ever.

We understand that navigating through all the trends in social media and digital marketing can feel confusing. Now it's about being visible while also being relevant. The content created should be engaging and appear in the user's feed at the right moment. It's important to understand the changes in how consumers interact with brands online – if you do, you have a significant advantage.

1. Get to know your audience - Be authentic and relevant

In 2024, it's crucial for brands to create content that is engaging and genuine, with a clear focus on authenticity. It's about understanding and respecting the needs of the audience while presenting products in a way that feels relevant and authentic.

Instagram Threads is a platform worth exploring in this context. With Threads, you can create more personal and in-depth interactions with your audience, which is crucial for building stronger relationships. The app allows users to share short text updates, links, photos, and videos, enabling a more intimate and direct communication. Threads has recently been launched, so we recommend keeping an extra eye on its development in the coming weeks.

2. Social media as search engines

Social media has become increasingly important as search engines, which means that brands must adapt their content for these platforms. It's crucial, for example, to use relevant keywords and hashtags to optimize visibility. You need to understand how content is discovered organically on platforms. This adaptation increases visibility and helps brands establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with their audience. By being visible where users actively seek information, brands can strengthen their position as authoritative and trustworthy sources, which is crucial in the digital world now and in the future.

3. Subcultures and intersecting interests

As a brand today, you need to think beyond the brand's traditional niche. By exploring and engaging in the subcultures and interests that your audience shares, in addition to the obvious, you create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with users. This can mean anything from unexpected collaborations to content that speaks to a broader set of interests.

4. Adaptation to macroeconomic trends

In 2024, brands need to be even more aware of and adapt to society's economic conditions. This may mean being flexible and responsive in marketing strategies to meet changing consumer behaviors. You need to be attentive to these changes in your audience and adjust your content accordingly.

Data shows, for example, that consumers during economically tougher times spend more time searching for budget-friendly solutions. A brand in consumer electronics can then communicate its message about affordability and energy efficiency to achieve success even in these times.

By working proactively and getting to know your audience's behaviors and needs, you ensure that your content and marketing are relevant and convert. In 2024, users want authentic brands. Your audience expects you to know them now. So, if you don't – make it the first thing you focus on as the new year kicks off.