How to succeed with short-form video

Explore our top tips on how to succeed with short-form video and learn best practices for creating engaging content.

How to succeed with short-form video

Explore our top tips on how to succeed with short-form video and learn best practices for creating engaging content.

Short-form video is currently in high demand. As video content continues to play an expanding role in brand strategy for content marketing, Mild has curated our top tips for achieving success with your videos. This includes a concise guide covering the major platforms and the latest trends - everything you need to propel yourself to stardom in the realm of short-form content.

What is short-form video?

The length of the video is usually about 15-60 seconds.

This length is optimal for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, as it is well suited for users' often limited attention spans.

Short-form video is an effective way to reach your audience in a fun and engaging way. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have changed how we create and consume content. TikTok has over 1.5 billion monthly users, making the platform a perfect channel for marketers to influence their users through video content.

Short-form may not be a format that suits all brands, but it is ideal for companies that want to show their personality, be creative and innovative with a growing audience.

In 2024, TikTok coined the term "Creative bravery": a transformative mindset to create content that blends curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage - which can lead to deeper relationships with your followers.

If you want to develop impactful and brave short-form videos that deliver reach and results, you need to carefully consider your strategy.

How to create successful short-form videos

Remember the importance of capturing your viewers' attention immediately. The viewer wants to quickly get to the core of your content. Even though the videos are short, they still need to tell a captivating story and have a clear narrative flow.

Based on the key points below, here's how to succeed with your content:

  • Engagement: Short-form video becomes almost addictive with its fast pace and entertaining content. You can't stop scrolling!
  • Reach: Social media algorithms love short videos, giving you a greater chance of going viral.
  • Platforms to focus on: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Optimal video lengths: 15-60 seconds
  • Content types that work best: Educational content, quick tutorials, storytelling, and user-generated content.
  • Keep it short and concise: Focus on the core message.
  • Use clear call-to-actions: Such as "Leave a comment" or "Visit our website."
  • Experiment with music and sound: Using popular audio clips can enhance the experience and increase the shareability of the content.
  • Add subtitles: Helps users watching without sound and reinforces the message of the content.

Which channel suits your brand best?

There are several video channels online, but here we will take a closer look at the three largest platforms for short video clips: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Let's take a closer look at the key platforms in more detail.


TikTok landed online in 2018 and talk about starting a viral video party! The wonderful thing about TikTok is that the app serves videos like a bubbling buffet tailored to your interests, and who you follow matters less.

IG Reels

IG Reels was Instagram's slightly breathless response to the TikTok frenzy. From being a quiet haven for photo lovers, Instagram turned into a bustling party place for video content. On IG Reels, you are more exposed to videos from your followers, giving a more personal touch than TikTok's wild mix of different accounts.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts jumped into the game in 2019 to take a bite of TikTok's big cake. But it wasn't until 2021 that everyone got the chance to dive into the world of quick clips on YouTube. On Shorts, you can create, share, and watch 60-second videos that can either get you to jump on a new trend, try a dance move, or simply laugh until you're breathless.

So, which platform should you invest in? Will it be Instagram with its wide range of content, an impressive portfolio of influential influencers, and an audience of a staggering 2 billion? However, you shouldn't underestimate the viral power of TikTok with its unpredictable algorithm and irresistible appeal to the younger audience. One thing is certain, part of your strategy should be to choose the channel that best suits your target audience.

How to succeed with short-form video in practice

  • Switch it up: Keep the viewer engaged by changing perspective or environment in the video. Short videos are designed for short attention spans, and nothing loses attention faster than a video shot in a single static plane.
  • Tell a story: Even though it's short, your video still needs a storyline with a clear focus. Structure the video with a beginning (hook), middle (development), and end (climax), along with a call to action (CTA) to encourage engagement.
  • Deliver value: Short-form content always has a clear point of value to take home. This value can be inspiring, educational, motivational, and so on. Use your own staff and colleagues to showcase your brand. You can create behind-the-scenes content or emotionally engaging stories to show your brand in action. This helps build brand trust and authenticity.
  • Engagement: How much can you engage? Be realistic about how much effort you can put into creating and promoting your short videos.
  • Creativity: Where will the ideas come from? You might be able to create perfectly fitting videos yourself, or you may need to hire a creative agency to help with production.
  • Content: Can you create the right content for the right platform? Study which types of videos work best on each platform and refine your video marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Consistency: How often can you appear? Set up a consistent publishing schedule and stick to it. A content calendar will help you with this.
  • Community: Is your community on the platform, and do you know how to speak to them? It's pointless to post videos on a platform where your target audience isn't even active. If you post, make sure to monitor and engage.

Trends in short-form video

Educational content
Short format is great for sharing tips and tutorials.


  • 5-minute recipe ideas
  • Quick guide to workout exercises
  • Make-up tutorials

Personal stories and customer experiences compressed into short format create an emotional connection.


  • Short anecdotes about product use
  • Inspiring journeys and success stories

Challenges and hashtags
Jump on trends, challenges, and viral hashtags to increase visibility.


  • Participate in a dance challenge on TikTok
  • Create brand-related hashtags

One of our own short-form videos

Below, you can see examples of how a short-form video can be structured focusing on storytelling.

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