We are environmentally conscious

At Mild, we recognize that companies, whether they're manufacturing businesses or more online-based operations like ours, have a negative impact on the climate. What we can do is to identify initiatives that at the very least minimize our impact, and this has been our focus in recent years, in what we call Mild's climate initiative.


A significant yet easily overlooked aspect is the environmental impact of our computers, servers, and other electronics. It's fair to say that for a firm like ours, the operation and maintenance of server environments pose an environmental challenge. Web hosting, it turns out, is dirtier than one might imagine, but even here, there's room for improvement.

We at Mild made an early investment in an innovative server park with water cooling and only 1.09 PUE, which translates into almost no energy waste. In 2020, we took a further step and fully offset our operational emissions through the Bhilwara solar energy project. This carefully chosen climate project not only compensates for our emissions but also contributes to several global goals. As a result, Mild's operational environment is now completely free from climate impact. We offset more carbon emissions than our servers generate, making our hosting environment climate positive today.

Another area we've focused on is travel. Naturally, our job requires us to travel, whether it be for client meetings or trips between our offices. For several years now, most of our employees have been using SJ's (often) well-functioning service, resulting in a total railway travel of 70,090 km in 2019. This equates to 0.2 kg CO2 for the entire year. If this travel had instead been made by car, it would have resulted in over 8 tons of CO2.

In some cases, we do need to use cars, even though we try to avoid it. However, all new company car purchases are hybrid or electric models to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible when the car is the best or only option.

The above solutions work for us and are good alternatives for reducing our ecological footprint. However, it's best not to travel at all, if possible. With today's digital video solutions, we've chosen to maximize the number of video meetings as much as possible. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also saves time, benefiting both us and our clients.

Our commitment to building an environmentally conscious organization continues unabated.