Targeted audience and User-Generated Content on TikTok

About the company and the project

Tradebanco AB is a distribution company in Sweden's beauty market. Since 1946, they have been providing their customers with a selection of products from leading national and global suppliers. Tradebanco's range includes everything from skincare and sun protection to hair care products. Notably, they distribute for Hawaiian Tropic, the brand that we at Mild focused on for this project.


Hawaiian Tropic Nordic, Tradebanco

The mission

Tradebanco aimed to reach a more niche audience with their Hawaiian Tropic brand. Since Tradebanco doesn’t sell products directly from their website, we collaborated with a retailer to direct traffic to the products. To maximize traffic to the retailer and Hawaiian Tropic products, we needed to engage the brand where the target audience was most active, leading us to choose TikTok. As Hawaiian Tropic wasn’t previously on TikTok, we launched an account for them. Our mission was essentially brand building on social media, particularly through TikTok.

Our initial challenge was sourcing quality content. We decided on user-generated content, specifically collaboration videos from TikTok influencers. Tradebanco obtained rights to use these videos on their Hawaiian Tropic account, which we managed and used for advertising campaigns.

The result

The campaign successfully grew Hawaiian Tropic's TikTok following from 0 to 834 in just four months, starting from a completely new account. By using video material for the ads, we could also track the click-through rate (CTR). Initially, the CTR was at 1.1%, which increased to 6% by the end of the campaign. All clicks and traffic generated in the campaign were directed straight to the retailer. Mild's responsibility in this project was to target the campaign material to the right audience and spread the brand to enhance Hawaiian Tropic’s brand awareness.

834 New followers

6% CTR

“We had just noticed a transformation on TikTok that piqued our interest. From a platform predominantly used by individuals, many businesses started to venture onto it. Daring to invest in a new format and being where our target audience actually was proved to be exhilarating and led to the results we were aiming for.”

Client Manager, Mild

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